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I’ve been making some changes. 

Those who know my work, may be aware that while I have developed my fine art practice, I have also made textile pieces and sold them under my small commercial art brand Inyoni Art - bespoke pieces for the home and to wear, using natural mark making on cloth.

Over the past year, I have increasingly used the techniques experimented with and developed, to make fine art exhibition pieces, as opposed to products. Examples would be the group shows that I curated and participated in last year at StateoftheART Gallery in Cape Town and Gallery 2 in Johannesburg, as well as my ongoing work with Kim Sacks Gallery and other local galleries - thank you to the galleries for being open to exhibit these pieces. There are more fiber exhibitions on the cards. 

For this reason, and to ensure I have sufficient time to continue to develop my woodblock and related printmaking, I have stopped making the Inyoni Art pieces, and have closed my online shop and the associated website. So that means no more bed throws or scarves. However, I will continue with my natural mark making work and at times overlap that with other traditional printmaking methods. Complicated but I hope it makes sense.  

My fine art website (that is, this website) has accordingly been updated to include a category called “Fibre Art” and under that, you’ll find my stitched message cloths and natural mark making work.

I'll add more pieces in due course and look out for collaborative work with Maia Lehr-Sacks and other artists.


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