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I’m very excited to share the invitation for the opening of my upcoming solo exhibition in Cape Town, on 22 June. The exhibition takes place in the public spaces of Workshop 17, Longkloof, in Kloof Street.  A space abuzz with problems and solutions and thinking and process and enquiring minds.  Where collaborations unfold and plans are made. People with a love of art and an enviable art collection. With their own art curator. An unconventional space, to present an unconventional body of work. A gallery in the most forward thinking sense of the word.

I will be exhibiting a selection of specialist woodblock prints and related works, made over the last few years. The selection has been made to showcase and honour the matrix, the stages, the proofs, the unintentional byproduct, the residual. I will once again be exhibiting carved woodblocks.

The exhibition has been curated alongside Claudia Bentel, who has assisted me to present a story of built up memory and experience in a place. Coming into the public spaces of Workshop 17, you will be immersed in a story of layered moments, translated into woodblock and transferred to paper and paper textiles.

I look forward to seeing you and discussing my thoughts and process, either at the exhibition opening or one of the planned Artist Walkabouts. The exhibition will be open to the public and all artwork (excluding carved blocks) will be available to purchase.

View the online catalogue here:  Palimpsest exhibition catalogue

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