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The second Artist Walkabout for my solo takes place this Friday 4 August at 12pm.

(Heads up I will bring along my most recent woodblock “The watchers” as well as the state prints on Japanese paper, for you to have a look.)

Join me for a personal walk through an evolving exhibition of 26 woodblock prints and 10 carved birch ply blocks, and a discussion about the process and thoughts behind my exhibited work.

 This is an opportunity to get a closer look at the artworks, the paper, the carving, and to understand the build up of layers of ink to make the final piece. And also to get a feeling of how the fine art printmaking world works, with editions and proofs etc.

A number of the pieces exhibited were selected either last year or this year for the prestigious Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in London. Look out for “The Dromedary” in particular.

If you’re unable to make one of the designated Artist Walkabouts, you’re welcome to view the artwork during business hours - the reception staff will guide you through the work. Or alternatively contact Claudia via email (details below) and we can make a special arrangement.

This exhibition runs until mid September. To visit the exhibition or view the work please contact Claudia Bentel of W17 Gallery - her email address is 

Artist Walkabouts:

12h00 midday on the following Fridays:

7 July

4 August

1 September

 The view the updated Exhibition Catalogue, click on the link below:

Updated Exhibition Catalogue



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