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As a response to the concept of holding memory, this exhibition of ten Cape artists invokes questions of what memory is, where it lies, who are custodians of memory, whether real or imagined, personal or collective…

As each artist draws from their subjective and fragmented memories, a distinctive collection of works results, where this residue, residual recollection and a particular energy has been distillated. New perspectives are brought to bear, through certain subject matter, by the manipulation of paint by the movement of the artist’s body, through the gentle beating of the clay in a coil pot. The brushstrokes and mark making become a record of the individual and in a way begins to record a new embodied memory, where the artist’s interior world finds expression externally.

ARTISTS: Amber Alcock, Catherina Pagani, Cathy Layzell, Eugenie Skelton, Jenny Chadwick, Katja Abbott, Kristen McClarty, Laurel Holmes, Paul Kristafor, Shaune Rogatschnig 

OPENING SPEAKER: Nelspruit based artist, Karin Daymond

The exhibition opens at 12 noon on Saturday 25 March 2023 at the White River Gallery, Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, R40 corner Numbi and Hazyview Roads, White River, Mpumalanga.  

For more information, please contact Dana MacFarlane, White River Gallery on 082 784 6695 or

View Exhibition Catalogue here

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