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On 5 and 6 October 2023, I had the privilege of working with Zhané Warren and Janet Mbirimi at Warren Editions in Cape Town, to edition my large woodcut. At 1.7 x 1 meters, the block was too large to ink up or print solo, and certainly too large for the press in my own studio. Having previously visited Warren Editions in Cape Town, to measure the outer limit of the press, I had my woodblock and a set of rails custom cut to size, to maximise the print. Even so, the printing process usually spits out problems that need to be solved along the way, so I approached the process with a little trepidation. 

Despite an initial spike of adrenaline, Janet and I calmly editioned "Trace of a red tide" (pale bloody red version) on Thursday and "Leaving trace in deep water" (French navy version) on Friday.  Each is an edition of four woodcuts, with a single Artist Proof. Both editions are on an imported hemp lace, 27 gsm, made by Awagami in Japan. The holes in the paper textile add a level of complexity through the disturbed surface and the play of the exposed under surface.

These pieces will be exhibited in the UK early next year and I look forward to sharing more details.  In the meanwhile, they have already been professionally photographed and two of each edition will be heading to the UK this week for framing and preparation.


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