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Very chuffed that two of my recent woodcuts have been selected for the long list for the Jackson's Art Prize 2024 in the UK, with some other superb art from around the world. This annual competition saw 15 345 entries, so its extra special to still be in the running at this stage.  The shortlist will be announced in a few weeks, and these artworks will be exhibited in galleries in London later this year.  

And that's what it is all about.  Telling a story and sharing thoughts with an ever widening audience.

My selected pieces are the large scale woodcut “Leaving trace in deep water” and smaller “Recording self in blue” - both from my Residuals series, with a focus on the lingering trace we leave in a space that we pass through, and how that interacts with others passing through the place and the environment itself.

 It would be lovely if you could vote for your favourite (or both) for the Peoples Choice Award, via the links below. If you’d just like to look, you can access the info directly. If you’d like to vote you’ll need to register and then search again for the pieces - use the titles as it’s not under artist name. Thank you. It prevents double votes and entitles you to win a sizable voucher for art materials for yourself.

View "Leaving trace in deep water" and all the details.

View "Recording self in blue" and details of artwork. 


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