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This exciting exhibition brings together eight women artists working in various media, borne out of a rich history of craft, but that have now moved to a place of acceptance as contemporary art.

The exhibition focuses on the exciting interplay between contemplation and a tactile response of forming that thought with the hands: the meditative travelling from the artist’s brain, through their neural passages, their synapses, to the nerves that control their hands and what they do. So that each piece becomes their message, a concept intertwined with the fabrication of the piece.

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The opening of the exhibition on Heritage Day 24 September was a suitably special occasion, made more so by the nuanced and thought provoking opening talk by Gretchen van de Byl (lecturer, artist and designer). So many people have asked to read her talk, so the team at StateoftheART Gallery have made this available on their blog:

Link to Exhibition Opening and Talk by Gretchen



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