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Ebb: A Group Exhibition themed around the human experience of water and its mythologies opened on 3 November 2022.

I am exhibiting two pieces from my current series Head Under Water series - "I can breathe under water" and "Abstracted distractions".  Here is an extract from my Artist Statement for some insight into my thoughts:  

"The edges of the form are broken and with no clear start and end to the body, it becomes a part of the environment. Discombobulated soups of self-portrait. An examination of the disparate parts of self that make the whole, and how these parts interact with each other and the environment. A reference to a space that makes the artist feel that she is safe and can breathe. Under water, the edges of the artist are blurred; her body and the liquid push pull hold."

Daor Contemporary is situated in the trendy industrial Port of Cape Town.  

The exhibition is on until mid-January 2023. 

Contact:  Nicola Kritzinger

Contact number:  +27 82 552 0369

View Gallery website.  I'll add the catalogue when it is released.

Gallery hours: Wednesday - Friday: 9am - 5pm | Saturday: 10am - 2pm



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