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Undone 5/6 EV

Single layer woodblock print over Japanese hemp lace paper textile, printed with natural pigments, directly off locally foraged plants. Each piece in the varied edition features the same woodblock print in a very dark French navy, abstract but reminiscent of a woman's body. The underlying botanical print is varied from one to the next in the varied edition.  Each is a unique artwork.

Page Size: 72 (h) x 53 (w) cm

Artwork Size: 72 (h) x 53 (w) cm

Edition size: Varied edition of 6 

Year: 2023


Paper textile: Asarakusui Japanese hemp lace 27 gsm made using the Rakusui technique of dropping water through the pulp in the manufacturing process, which forms the random holes in the surface. This paper textile is imported from Japan.

This varied edition features a botanical print the leaves of a locally foraged indigenous carpet geranium.  The pigment is strong and prints in aubergine blue.

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