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Lost and Found

9 layer hand pulled woodblock and screen print on 100% cotton paper.

Page Size: 40 (h) x 40 (w) cm

Artwork Size: 35 (h) x 36 (w) cm

Edition Size: 5

Year: 2022


This complex piece uses a number of techniques.  The first layer of sky seen through the triangle was printed off a separate woodblock, on which I scoured out the softer parts of the woodgrain, to print on the remaining raised grain.  The subsequent 5 layers of woodblock were printed using the reduction process that I usually employ.  This included the scratchings on the wall and the first layers of red and blue graffiti.  The piece was then screen printed in 3 layers, using red, blue and black.

This woodblock/screen print was exhibited along with my large rock face and graffiti woodblock and screen prints, at the Association for Visual Arts Gallery in Cape Town in our group exhibition "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" in August/September 2022. 

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