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"Congratulations! Your work has been shortlisted and you have been chosen as one of the Top 10 Finalists of the StateoftheART Gallery Award 2021."

A wonderful message to receive on Friday 20 August.  If you would like to request a Preview Catalogue of the Finalists Exhibition, please email the contact below.  The Catalogue will be made available in early October 2021, and the exhibition opens on 16 October, when the winner will be announced.  

The following works from my Immersion series will be exhibited and/or for sale at the Finalists Exhibition:

"A Monday morning embrace" 8 layer reduction woodblock print | Edition of 6 | 97.5 x 59 cm

"Over exposed" 8 layer reduction woodblock print | Edition of 7 | 48 x 70 cm

"A Thursday morning" 7 layer reduction woodblock print | Edition of 12 | 67 x 41 cm

Contact:  StateoftheArt Gallery 

Contact number:  +27 61 129 1899

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