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Best described by quoting the words of curator Jeanne Hugo:

In a world continuously - and often simultaneously - gripped by trauma and the terrific we’re emboldened by our experiences to reach for a moment’s repose, in art. By emphasizing the human experience within the landscape, whether through personal narratives, cultural perspectives, or explorations of memory, artists strive to convey the diverse ways in which humans authentically interact with and perceive their current surroundings and their interpretations of what it means to be alive.

The objective of the artist is not merely to achieve a strict naturalistic representation of a theme but to cultivate a contemporary interpretation of a genre, and most crucially the relationship between man or woman and the element at hand. In this way we encourage the connectedness of viewer and subject matter, the artwork becoming the conduit for the ultimate conscious experience: which is simply the sensation to feel, to float into being here, now.

I will be exhibiting the following pieces:

"A suspended thought" woodcut

"The Dromedary" woodcut

"The Dromedary and Friends" woodcut and screen print made in collaboration with Adam Black and printed with Wim Legrand

The featured artists are: Erik Laubscher, Hugo Naudé, Tinus de Jongh, Erich Mayer, André Wilhelm Groenewald // MJ Lourens, Louis Vorster, Luke Williams, Jacques Viljoen, Emma Aspeling, Jean de Wet, Natasha Norman, Kristen McClarty, Alice Toich

The exhibition is open from 12 December 2023 until mid January 2024 and viewing is by appointment.

Contact Jeanne Hugo Van der Merwe on +27 60 3830815 or 

Address: 25 Hofmeyr Street, Welgemoed

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