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A group exhibition, with The Printing Girls, at Gallery 2 in Johannesburg.  The Printing Girls is an all female collective of artists with a focus on fine art printmaking. 

The exhibition "Miniatures in Print" is a curated show of works with a maximum paper size of 15x15cm.  All (almost 200) works are framed in identical natural wood frames, making it oh-so-easy to invest in a few pieces to hang as a set or as part of a salon style wall in your home.  

I have 6 small monotype prints exhibited, each one a tiny water colour painting made on a polypropylene sheet and transferred onto paper.  My pieces are a keepsake or reminder of time spent off-grid, in the Cederberg and wandering around in the rocky outcrops above Kommetjie.  I intend using this medium to make further original miniatures to record special moments away from the humdrum of life.  Ripples in water, lichen covered rocks, clouds after a storm or an unexpected anthropomorphic face in a prickly pear plant!

The artworks in this exhibition can be viewed at Gallery 2 or on the Gallery 2 website

View Miniatures in Print Catalogue here with pricing.  Look out for my pieces, "Off-grid adventures 01 to 05" and "The Scream". Purchase artworks directly from the Gallery.

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Tel:  083 4574851


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