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My Yellow Rocks series is a body of work that started late last year in response to an overwhelming fascination with the lichen covered coastal rocks where I live in Kommetjie.  After reading a book on the Scottish artist Joan Eardley, I decided to just give in, and focus on the rich yellow ochre rocks.  I started by painting them plein air - a quick fix of yellow for the senses. And of course, good preparation for my reduction woodblock prints, which I have completed this year.  In between, a small stitched message cloth has emerged, and that will be exhibited later this year.

Two plein air paintings and my two recent woodblock prints are currently exhibited at StateoftheART Gallery in Cape Town.  If you'd like to read a little more on this body of work, the  Gallery has put together a very cool blog post including an interview and some process photos in the place.

Read blog post "A sense of place".

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